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Tata Docomo has introduced the Photon Max Wi-Fi Duo, the latest gizmo that takes India No. 1 data card to an altogether new level. Now go get a Photon + Wi-Fi + In built Battery + Power Bank in a single match box size device!

A long pending wish of customers is finally fulfilled! Photon now is a data card with an in built Wi-Fi hotspot and battery. The massive 4000 mAH battery gives upto 17 hours of backup. The same battery can also alternatively be used as a powerbank to charge any smartphone.

Now get the photon power on your smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and Smart TVs. Create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere anytime instantly without any external power on the move and carry it in your pocket.

Salient Features
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi and 4000mAH battery. Just switch it on to get online
  • Now create a Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere anytime supporting upto 5 devices simultaneously
  • Connect any tablet, smartphone, smart TV, camera, laptop etc…all simultaneously
  • In built battery gives upto 17 hours backup time sufficient to last the entire day
  • Can be used as a powerbank to charge any smartphone
  • New photon that uses Multi Carrier Technology to Achieve Speeds Up to 9.8 Mbps (D/L)
  • Signal @ 800 MHz (Photon 6X) has greater strength than 2100 MHz (3G/4G)
  • Hence Photon 6X gives larger Coverage area with Superior Indoor Coverage
  • Lifetime Roaming free
Monthly Rental
  • Rs. 300
  • Rs. 450
  • Rs. 650
  • Rs. 750
  • Rs. 850
  • Rs. 999
  • Rs. 1249
  • Rs. 1499
Free Data Usage
  • 1Gb
  • 2Gb
  • 3Gb
  • 5Gb
  • 7Gb
  • 10Gb
  • 15Gb
  • 25Gb
Additonal Usage Charges
  • 50ps/MB till Bill Capping Rs.1000
  • S50ps/MB till Bill Capping Rs.750
  • 50ps/MB till Bill Capping Rs.750
  • NA (Speeds up to 64 Kbps)
  • NA (Speeds up to 64 Kbps)
  • NA (Speeds up to 64 Kbps)
  • NA (Speeds up to 64 Kbps)
  • NA (Speeds up to 64 Kbps)

Terms and Conditions:

  •   Service tax at applicable rates and any other applicable government levies will be charged extra
  •   The plan rental and free data usage in the first bill would be prorated
  •   Free unutilized data usage cannot be carried forward to the next month
  •   Data Usage refers to total data transfer (Upload + Download)
  • Photon Max Wifi - Mumbai photon plan
  • Unlimited Local and STD Calls at Rs. 899 only
Photon Max Wifi - Mumbai's best data card
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